Carbon Capture

Space enthusiasts talk about the need to colonize other planets to insure the survival of humanity. They envision reaching to Mars and Titan, the moon of Jupiter. Many technical challenges must be solved to make the solar system livable. The challenges include finding and maintaining clean air, water, and energy.

If we look at our home as spaceship Earth, we can experience the same sense of challenge and hope we do thinking about space travel. I think this view point can combat the dystopian future so many in the west see for humanity. Anthropomorphic climate change or man made climate change is one of the serious challenges to our spaceship.

Even the most die hard skeptics these days are beginning to accept climate change. I believe the resistance and denial of man made change is due to the politics. The question of who is going to pay to fix it, or the application of increasing government regulations.  It is unfortunate that those who oppose government regulation resort to casting science as a debate of theories. In the process they resort to enforced ignorance and unknowingly cripple those who rely on them for information

The folks at have a comprehensive response to the deniers based on the scientific evidence of global warming that is as old as Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The problem is the two degrees Celsius of global warming that is thought to be the tipping point to disastrous consequences to the Earth’s climate. One way to help achieve this goal is to develop technologies to capture carbon from the air and/or the sea. The Swiss, Canadians, and the US Navy are a few among many who are working on commercializing the technologies.

The politicization of science “[the IPCC suggests] the removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere during the second half of this century…. can be achieved using a combination of approaches known as BECCS: bioenergy (which would require 500 million hectares of land — 1.5 times the size of India)4 and carbon capture and storage, an unproven technology.”]

Is science capable of risk assessment? Or is it Malthusian? If it is correct then we are in real trouble and forget about Mars.

You might ask how we can make Mars habitable if we can’t even maintain the habitability of our home planet. 500 million hectares of this machinery below is scary. I’d rather have trees.

We can hope can’t we?


  1. How We Know Global Warming is Real and Human Caused
  2. TED talk on how herding animals can green desertification. It isn’t enough, but it shows we can transforme for greenery.

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