The mysterious, protected by the UN and closed off from the world. The stuff of urban legends! What is the truth here?

Follow in the wake for Scott, Shackleton and Enderby

Yes, we do have a few trips that visit the Ross Sea and travel as far South as 77 or 78 degrees. I list them below. However please note that it it unlikely you would have a complete 24 hour period in one spot to take time lapse.

Top Ten Reasons to Visit the Antartic

The Antarctic Treaty was signed in Washington on 1 December 1959.
” sailing around the S 56° latitude would not require permission from the “Antarctic Treaty” because there will not be a need to cross below the S60° Latitude into the “Southern Ocean”. No vessel can enter waters below the S60° without permission.
So, an expedition like this should not need to deal w/jumping through the many Antarctic Treaty “hoops” – as the vessel would not be going anywhere near making an approach towards “Antarctica”.”